We aim to streamline the tiresome process of consolidating, reconciling and reporting your data

Consumers’ attitudes to managing their finances are changing. Whilst online banking and product sourcing are now common place, few tools exist to help their clients look holistically across their investments.

These investors with smaller portfolios are caught in what the FCA call the ‘Advice Gap’, unable or unwilling to pay upfront charges for advice as it is disproportionate to the size of their portfolios.

Make no mistake, WE ARE NOT PROVIDING ADVICE, it is the ‘Service Gap’ that we are targeting that is the unintended consequence of such an advice gap – a service that advised clients are receiving which is currently not available to non-advised clients;

The aggregation of data, performance and transaction-level data for their Alternative Investment holdings

Spending countless hours each month gathering paper statements or logging into investment websites to collect detailed account information?

Are you looking for a solution to automate the collection and entry of this account information into?

Sick of remembering lists of websites, passwords, user names and security questions, yet you want to know where you stand?

An easy to use interface permits you to have one place to go where you can login and see everything, giving you a 360-degree view of all your Alternative Finance investment assets, no matter where you hold them or who manages them.

This powerful tool allows consumers to quickly and securely link external investment accounts and access transaction-level data, in seconds.

Our platform automatically and SECURELY captures the entire set of credentials required to access accounts, including username, password, and authentication mechanisms, such as answers to security questions and tokens. The technology also automates and speeds the on-boarding process by enabling users to easily link, edit, and verify Alternative Finance accounts WITHOUT compromising security or privacy.

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