How It Works


When you have subscribed to MultiISA, you will receive en email confirming your ISA has been setup and the instructions on how to fund your account.


You will then need to open new accounts with your chosen platforms. The new account must be a General Investment Account with the platform, NOT an ISA account. The account will need to be in joint names, yours and MultiISA. The bank account details you will need to register will be MultiISA’s account – account details will be in your email confirmation when your account with MultiISA was setup. You need to make a note of your account reference details from the platforms.

Funding Request

When you have setup your accounts with the platforms, you can submit a Funding Request to MultiISA giving the name of the platform, account number and amount to send. You will receive an email confirming the instructions and acknowledgement the funds have been transferred. Once the funds have been received by the platforms, you are free to invest in whichever loans you wish.

Investment Performance

We will not currently be able to keep you updated on the performance of your investments; however you will be able to keep track of your investments through the relevant platform client portals. We will retrieve the performance of your investments and report to you on an annual basis.

We aim to have a client portal up and running soon where you can see all your investments in one place, no matter which platform you invest through. This will be a subscription service where you will have the additional capability of viewing all of your investments, not just your MultiISA; including other IF ISAs, Stocks & shares ISAs, P2P investments and traditional investments held elsewhere, provided there is login access.