About Us

An Individual Savings Account as Individual As You Are

MultiISA operate a Self-Invested ISA which offer much wider investment powers than are generally available for ISAs. The wider investment powers can allow investors to invest in a wide range of assets, including P2P qualifying investments across multiple platforms in an IFISA.


The company aim to lead the market by providing this service under a single ISA Management platform.

Single Platform Access

The ‘one of each type’ restriction on the IFISA has a huge impact on diversification. None of the mainstream ISA managers offer access to the IFISA, leaving investors the only option of subscribing to a platform’s IFISA directly and only subscribe to one platform per year.

Investors looking to diversify subscriptions across sectors such as Consumer, SME, Property, Secured, Unsecured etc, would take a number of years to achieve minimal diversification within their IFISA.

Multi Platform Access

Investors have the ability to utilise their allowance across several platforms, £1,000 here, £1,000 there. Risking a small portion of their allowance on potentially more risky offerings with higher potential returns.

MultiISA provides the freedom to choose, without being tied by restrictions and not having to build a diversified portfolio across ‘safer’ options, which is likely to limit returns.


As an experienced investor, you will appreciate the importance of building a diversified portfolio in as tax efficient way as possible. We aim to help users diversify their investments, particularly in the Innovative Finance ISA, tax efficiently and with the freedom to select their own qualifying investments in an affordable way.

Executive team

John Mulholland

Chief Executive Officer

Previously an FCA approved investment adviser, John was also a co-founder & operations director at Connect Mortgage Network; a specialist mortgage processing and packaging company originating over 400 mortgage applications per month. John also co-founded financial advice firms; training, coaching and supervising advisers.

Kamalia Mulholland

Non Executive Director

Kamalia has 20 years experience in sales and international business development across multiple sectors, including financial services, oil, real estate and hospitality. Adding her skills in leadership, marketing and valuable insight into the formal structures and procedures in the corporate world will ensure a successful launch and continued business growth.

Ian Gurney

Non Executive Director

Ian developed and launched a bespoke comparison and information site on P2P lending, p2pmoney.co.uk providing consultancy and advertising services to existing and new P2P platforms. He has been interviewed by national media, provided data and opinions to government agencies and covered leading P2P lending conferences in the press.

Matthew Egglestone

Non Executive Director

A former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, with over 20yrs experience providing innovative IT solutions supporting Global Client operations covering Equity, Bond and Derivatives trading, including Syndicated Initial Public Offerings, Prime Brokerage and Regulatory Reporting requirements.

After spending years working in Financial Services, it was clear to me that there was a huge disparity between the advised and non-advised investor in terms of the services available. There are up to 10 million UK consumers who are no longer able or prepared to pay the cost of traditional advice services. However, no-one else will have their best interests as close to their heart, as themselves…

We knew that a technology driven ISA Management platform would allow us to offer affordable pricing for investors and could still be profitable for the company. And I am confident that, together, along with our collaborative partners, we have the right mix of skills and technology to make it happen.

John Mulholland